Imperial Players

A friendly local drama group

Constitution of the Imperial Players

Adopted by the Society’s Annual General Meeting on 6th February 2012

There shall be a society called The Imperial Players. Its object shall be to enable members of the Society to participate in the production of amateur drama and related activities.

1.Membership of the Society shall be open to all upon payment of the annual subscription. There shall be:
a.Full membership entitling the holder to participate fully in all the Society’s activities. All those acting in a production must be paid-up members as soon as possible after accepting a part.
b.Associate Membership at a reduced subscription.
c.Honorary Membership to which no subscription shall attach; such honorary membership being by special election at a General Meeting of the Society as a mark of respect and appreciation to persons formally holding full membership.
d.Youth Membership for members aged 14 – 18 at a fee of half the full rate

Full members shall be expected to support the Society and to make themselves available to perform on or off-stage duties in connection with productions.

2.A General Meeting of the Society is one at which all the members may be present and may vote on the business under discussion. Full members only shall be entitled to vote. The Chairman or his nominee shall take the chair. A General Meeting shall be held annually. The Annual General Meeting shall transact the following business:-
a.To elect Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary (hereinafter called ‘the officers’).
b.To elect four members to the Committee.
c.To receive the Treasurer’s Financial Report.
d.To receive the Chairman’s Annual Report

All members to be given 14 days notice in writing of every General Meeting.

3. The Committee shall consist of the officers and elected representatives. The Chairman and the four members as shown in 2b above shall hold their posts for no more than three consecutive years, this period to start from February 2012. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt such other members (to a maximum of three) as it may wish.
4. The quorum for the Committee shall be fifty per cent of its elected membership including officers. There shall be no quorum for the Annual or any other General Meeting. The Chairman is non-voting unless a casting vote is required.
5. The annual subscription shall be decided by the Annual General Meeting.
6. The income of the Society including all profits from productions shall be used to meet the expenses of the Society, including stage equipment, as authorised by the committee. Any balance shall be used as directed by the Annual General Meeting.
7. No funds shall be distributed to members of the Society, nor shall any member receive payment for services rendered beyond his or her expenses. Cheques made out on behalf of the Society must be signed by two of the designated officers.
8. The director shall be chosen for each production and other posts filled, at the sole discretion of the Committee. The play to be performed shall be chosen by the Committee in consultation with the Producer. No play shall go forward until it has first been read at an open meeting. Roles shall be allocated by the sole discretion of the Director, following an audition.
9. The officers shall be responsible for seeing that all royalties are paid on plays in advance. They shall also see that the local authority regulations for the use of halls for dramatic performances are strictly adhered to, excluding any structural alterations or maintenance to the fabric that the local authority require. The officers shall also be responsible for maintaining public liability insurance.
10. Equipment and properties purchased from the funds of the Society shall be the property of the Society and shall be controlled by the Committee.
11. The provisions of this Constitution may be amended only at the Annual General Meeting or at a General Meeting called for that purpose. Notice of any proposed amendment must be given in writing to the Chairman and Secretary before the meeting. To be carried, an amendment must receive a two-thirds majority vote of those present.
12. The Society may be disbanded only by the decision of a General Meeting. All assets shall be disposed of by a decision of a General Meeting. Equipment and/or artefacts not purchased from the funds of the Society, but loaned by persons for its benefit shall not be construed as part of the fixed assets.
13. The Committee shall hold at least three meetings a year.