At the Sign of the Crippled Harlequin – Director’s Review

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Once again, a group of willing and talented individuals pooled their time, effort and skills to create the latest production by the Imperial Players, “At the Sign of the Crippled Harlequin”.

I was very lucky to have a new member, Suzannah Etheridge arrive just as I was looking for someone to play the part of Joan and she was wonderful in the part.

Special thanks also go to Wendy Grimwood for stepping in at the last minute to help with costumes and set dressing.

When the adjudicator started off her feedback by saying ‘this is a very difficult play’ I have to agree with her.  It’s very easy to get this play wrong.  To make it funny, the characters have to be played completely straight, it’s easy to make the characters ‘over the top’.  But the cast did 
a wonderful job, there were great performances all round and I take my hat off to them.

The stage set looked lovely, use of props like blood and snow added to the performance and sound and lighting did a great job of creating atmosphere and suspense.  Thanks to all the back and front of house with special thanks to Simon Strong Stage Manager, always first to arrive and last to leave.

We’ve had good feedback, with audiences saying they really enjoyed it.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to our performances and we look forward to seeing you at our murder mystery night dinners at The Crown Inn in November and next year for our full-length play.

Jacqui Robinson

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